Anna Maria, born 16 Apr 1793; bap. 2 Jun 1793, dau. of Jacob Fiehl and Eva;
Wit: Adam MAURER and Anna Maria LEDIS, both unmarried. FHL 975.291 V26d
page 5: Jacobs Lutheran Church near Leitersburg, Washington County, MD.
Parish Register 1791-1860

Charles KESSINGER to Elizabeth EAKEL on 25 Feb 1804
Jacob KESSINGER to Catherine CONN on 16 Apr 1805
Jacob KESSINGER to Magdalena GENAWEIN 9 Apr 1807
George KESSINGER to Barbara ROACH 13 Aug 1810
Jacob KESSINGER to Margaret BEARD 2 Oct 1816
John KESSINGER Jr./Sr. to Anna WATTS on 17 Mar 1831
George KESSINGER to Catherine SHANK 21 Dec 1843
Marriages of Washington County, Maryland An Index: 1799-1860 Volume II:
F-K by Dale Walton Morrow FHL 975.291 V2m v. 2

Adam RENKER to Cissey KEISINGER 18 Dec 1815
Jonathan PERRY (PEREY) to Elizabeth KELSINGER 18 Apr 1826
John A. TROUP SR. to Jane KEISECKER 16 Jan 1855
Emanuel SNYDER to Delilah KRETZINGER 16 Nov 1855

Michael MOWER to Mary MANLEY 14 Oct 1813
William MOWRY to Margaret ENSMINGER 10 Dec 1823
James BROWN to Lydia MOWRY 7 JUN 1828
John HANEY to Elizabeth MOURER 30 May 1811
David GRIM to Elizabeth MOURER 21 Nov 1819 Marriages of Washington County,
MD, an Index 1799-1860 Vol. II by Dale Morrow and Deborah Morrow. FHL
975.291 V2m

Jacob LOP to Miss Susanna KRETZZINGER on Sunday 20 Aug 1826 married by Rev.
George GEETING. Hagerstown Torchlight and Public Advertiser, FHL 975.29 V28
w Marriages and Deaths from Newspapers of Allegany and Washington Co.,
Maryland entry 640, page 85.

"Died Thurs last at her res about 3 miles from Hagers-Town, Mrs. Elizabeth
Kiesecker, relict of late Simon Kiesecker, in the 67th year of her age."
Date 3 Apr 1821 Maryland Herald, FHL 975.29 V28 w Marriages and Deaths from
Newspapers of Allegany and Washington Co., Maryland entry 276, page 35.

Date 13 Sep 1825. "Married at Columbian Inn, in this place, Sun last by Rev
G. Lemon, Jacob Keesecker to Miss Elizabeth Criswell." Hagerstown
Torchlight and Public Advertiser, FHL 975.29 V28 w Marriages and Deaths
from Newspapers of Allegany and Washington Co., Maryland entry 592, page 76

Date 21 Nov 1820. "Married Thurs 19th ult., by Rev Shull, Jacob Keisacker,
of this co, to Miss Mary Ann Lose dau of Conrad Lose of Franklin Co, Pa."
Maryland Herald, FHL 975.29 V28 w Marriages and Deaths from Newspapers of
Allegany and Washington Co., Maryland entry 260 page 32


5 May 1806: This indenture made between Charles KYSINGER and Elizabeth his
wife, late Elizabeth EAHLE of Washington Co., and John KYSINGER of the Co.
Harmon EAHLE deceased did give to Elizabeth EAHLE all the plantation
whereon he lived. 70 acres. This land sold to John KYSINGER for 100 Ll
money. FHL #14618 page 187

Andrew KESSINGER sold to Jacob RUGH on 11 April 1806 a plot of land except
for that part conveyed to Henry SNIDER (that part being part of the
Resurvey on Adventure) for 672 Ll, 3 shillings and 9 pence. FHL #618 page

George KESSINGER sold to Jacob RUGH for 1215 Ll, 2 tracts of land, part of
the Resurvey on Adventure and part of a tract of land called Small Bit on
11 April 1806 FHL #14618 page 93

Matthias KEPLER sold on 9 Dec 1806 to George GITTINGER for 7 Ll, 19
shillings, 4 pence the tract of land called Limestone Land. 1 1/16 acre
with houses, buildings, orchards, wags, waters, water courses. FHL #14618

Bill of Sale 22 May 1804 from Andrew MOWRER to Christian FEIGHTIG both of
Washington Co. for the sum of $84.60 for the following property: 1 copper
wash kettle, 1 copper blue dye kettle, 1 wild cherry falling desk and
drawers, 1 weavers loom and implements belonging, 1 high post bedstead.
Signed: John Andreas MAURER. FHL #14611 page 196

Letter of Attorney dated 7 Dec 1805 from Adam MOURER, late of the state of
Maryland and Washington Co., now residing in Chambersburgh, Franklin Co.,
and state of Pennsylvania, for divers good causes and
considerations...appointed Elizabeth MOURER, wife and Philip STIFFER of
Washington Co., and state of Maryland, power of attorney. Signed Adam
MOURER FHL #14611 page 499

Lease: Recorded at the Request of Michael MOWER on 6 Sep 1797. This
indenture made the 22 Aug 1797 between Elie WILLIAMS, William SMITH, and
Philips THOMAS, executors of the last will and testament of Otho Holland
WILLIAMS, late of Baltimore Town in Baltimore Co., Maryland of the one part
and Michael MOWER of Washington Co., MD on the other part... Lease to
Michael MOURER all that lot or parcel of ground in the town of
Williamsport, Washington Co., MD plot #111 for the term of 99 years.
Terms: 2 bushels of good marketable wheat annually. Within 3 years
enclose the said lot of ground with good post and rail or pole fences.
Before 1 Sep 1800 erect and build on the lot a house of brick or stone
frame or hewed logs at least 20' X 26' in the base with a good chimney of
brick or stone. If stipulations not met the property can be repossessed or
tenants ousted. FHL #14607 page 410

Michael MOWER sells his lease to the Williams Port lot #111 to Joseph WELTY
on 23 Aug 1817. Michael MOWER from the town of Williams Port, Washington
Co., MD FHL #14616 page 173

Samuel GRISSINGER and Elizabeth, his wife of Frederick Co., heirs at law
and representing John JULIUS late of Washington Co., sold for $5 current
money parts of these tracts of land "New Work", "Settled in Time",
"Whiskey" (15 acres more or less), Also 4 lots in Mary Ann Town, #27, 28,
29, 30. 1/2 lot in Hagers Twon #9 sold to Peter YOUNG of Frederick Co.
Signed, Samuel GEISSINGER and Elizabeth. FHL #14625 page 649

Elizabeth KYSINGER of Madison Township, Richland Co., Ohio, sold for $100
to Catherine KYSINGER of Washington Co., MD "all my right, title, interest,
dower or right of dower in the estate of Jacob KYSINGER, deceased late of
Washington Co., MD. Signed Elizabeth KYSINGER, her mark. Deed Recorded 28
Aug 1830. FHL #14625 page 835, 836.

Catherine KYSINGER, Sally KYSINGER of Washington Co., MD and Elizabeth
KYSINGER or Richland Co., Ohio sold to Jacob SCHNAEVELY (SNAVELY) of
Washington Co., MD, for the sum of $350, part of a tract of land called
Penny Hill along with houses and improvements. Catherine X KISINGER, Sally
KISINGER FHL #14625 page 836, 837

Michael KESSINGER and Peter ARTZ of Washington Co., MD bought for 900 Ll
land in Elizabeth Town from Henry W. LEWIS. FHL #14611 page 73.

Michael KESSINGER and George EMMERT sold land to Daniel HUGHES Jr. and
Richard GEARY all of Washington Co., MD. FHL #14619 page 419

Catharine CRESINGER bought land from John RAGANSENDER for $500, both of
Washington Co., MD. land #11 in ROHRERS addition to Hagers Town, late
Elizabeth Town. FHL #14614 page 584

Bill of Sale dated 1 Nov 1796 Rudolfus BRILL paid 95 Ll to John JUPEN for
one Negroe woman called Easter about 30 years old and her 2 youngest
children named George and Sally. FHL #14606

Mortgage dated 22 Aug 1797 Rudolf BRILL of the town of Williams Port,
Washington Co., MD owes John BLAIR of state of Virginia, 166 Ll. Morgages
a house in Williams Port. FHL #14607 page 373

Will of Rudolphus BRILL dated 16 May 1801. Leaves all property to wife,
Adrianna BRILL. FHL #14644 page 443.

Will of Jacob MOURER dated 7 Nov 1838. Leaves all property to wife, Susan
MOURER. FHL #14645 page 315

Will of Catharine GRESSINGER dated 23 Oct 1839. Lists her son, George
GRISSINGER to receive 4 acres where he now lives. Bequeaths to his son and
dau. George H.L. GRISSINGER and Luiza (which would make them grandchildren
of Catharine). Lists her daughters: Susan and Catharine. After Susan's
death her portion goes to her son John BROWN. After Catherine's death her
portion to her dau. married to Royal L. BOARING. Amendment: George, Susan
and Catharine to get the household furniture. Sons-in-law Jesse BOARING,
husband of Catharine mentioned and David BROWN. FHL #14645 page 326

John KYSINGER and George NIGH of Washington Co., MD bound to state of MD
for 200 Ll. John to be supervisor of roads from Potomac along main street
of Williams Port. Dated 24 Jun 1800. Signed John KISINGER FHL #14609
page 66

Indenture George GRESINGER dated 1801. Bought ground from Nathaniel
ROCHESTER for $200. FHL #14609 page 544

Bill of Sale dated 20 Jul 1801. Margaret MOURER of Washington Co., MD for
$150. Delivered to Margaret MOURER, 1 sorrel mare, 4 years old, 1 black
cow, 3 hogs, 1 saw, 3000 ft. walnut plank, joiner and carpenter tools, 2
feather beds, bed stand and furniture, 1 table, 2 chests, 5 wagon loads of
hay, 2 dozen chairs, 2 spinning wheels, 1 reel, all household and kitchen
furniture, and personal estate. Signed John MOURER. FHL #14609 page 546

Indenture 23 Nov 1801 Margaret MAURER, exective of Honorable Peter MOURER
deceased, Martin MAURER, John MAURER, Jacob REED and Mary REED his wife,
Lodwick HERRING and Catharine HERRING his wife, Philip WOLF and Sarah WOLF
his wife. Sold ground to Michael SPEELMAN for 128 Ll. At the same time
appeared Margaret MAURER and Elisabeth MAURER, wife of said John MAURER,
who being examined out of the hearing of their said husbands did
voluntarily relinquish all their right of Dower in and to said lot. FHL
#14609 page 252

Deed dated 12 Apr 1790. George KISSINGER of Washington sold land to
Dilashmit WELLING of Washington Co., MD. 40 Ll. FHL #14604 page 56.

Indenture dated 7 Apr 1790. George KREESINGER of Washington Co., Md. and
Jonathan HAGER of Elizabeths Town. Signed George GREINGER.

Will of George KESSINGE
Eldest son, Andrew KESSINGER to get $50
Son-in-law Frederick WELTY $133.33
Son Michael KESSINGER $666.67
Dated 1809, signed by George KESSINGER Sr. FHL #14644 Page 177

Washington County, Maryland Church Records of the 18th Century
(FHL #975.291 K28w)

1. John Jacob of Matthias Behley and wife Juliana (nee Gittingarin) b. 25
January 1792, bap. 22 April 1792. Godparents: John George Gittinger and
wife Elizabeth (Zion Lutheran Church, Williamsport) p. 107

2. Elizabeth of Henry Fyster and wife Catherine bapt. 21 April 1794.
Godparents: George Gittingen and wife (Zion Lutheran Church, Williamsport)
p. 107

3. John George son of Michael MAURER and Catherine born 27 Feb 1794.
Witnesses: John George Gittinger and wife Elizabeth. (Zion Lutheran
Church, Williamsport) p. 107

4. Anna Maria of George Kittinger and wife Elizabeth, b. 5 December 1795,
bapt. 14 December 1795. Witnesses: Barbara Wethmauer (Zion Lutheran
Church, Williamsport) p. 109

5. Maria Elizabeth of George Kittinger and wife Elizabeth b. 10 May 1797,
bapt. 14 May 1797. Witnesses: George Kershner and wife Maria (Zion
Lutheran Church, Williamsport) p. 109

6. Margaretha of Peter Ekeberger and wife Maria b. 26 November 1796,
bapt. 5 June 1797. Witnesses: Michel Maurer and wife Catherine. (Zion
Lutheran Church, Williamsport) p. 110

7. William of John Geissinger and wife Susana b. 31 December 1798, bapt.
14 April 1799. Witnesses: George Maudi and wife Margaretha. (Zion
Lutheran Church, Williamsport) p. 111

8. Maria, dau. of Michael MAURER and Catherine, born 18 Apr 1799, bap 13
May 1799. Witnesses: Henry Reitenauer and wife Eva. (Zion Lutheran
Church, Williamsport) p. 111

9. Dorothea of Michael Haushalter and wife Susana b. 11 January 1800,
bapt. 16 March 1800. Witnesses: Philip Kieseker and wife Dorothea.
(Zion Lutheran Church, Williamsport) p. 111

10. Catharine of Michael MAURER and wife Catherine, born 12 Feb 1801, bap.
15 Mar 1801 Wit: Philippina Reitenauer

11. Philip of George Kittinger and wife Elizabeth b. 24 March 1801, bapt.
12 April 1801. Witnesses: Philip Schwengel and wife. (Zion Lutheran
Church, Williamsport) p. 112

12. Elisabetha of Georg Meiper and wife, Anna, b. 10 May bapt. 31 May
1797. Spon: Simeon Kisecker and wife Elisabetha. (Reformed Church of
Hagerstown) p. 98

13. Elisabeth of Henrich Becker and mother, Margretha, both married
people, b. 19 June 1789, bapt. 9 August 1789. Spon: Simon Kisaker and
his wife Elisabetha. (Reformed Church of Hagerstown) p. 89

14. Johanes of Simon Kiesieder (?) and Elisabeth b. 18 May 1790; bapt. 2
Jul 1790. (Evangelical Lutheran Church at Elizabethtown [Hagerstown]) p.

15. John Jacob of Simon Kiesieker and Elisabeth b. 20Dec 1792; bapt. 13
Feb 1793. Spon: Philip Kiesecker and wife Dorothea. (Evangelical
Lutheran Church at Elizabethtown [Hagerstown]) p. 10

16. Joh. Christian of Joh. Georg Griessman and wife Cath. b. 28 Jan 1794;
bapt. 9 Mar; Spon: Johannes Kiesecker.(Evangelical Lutheran Church at
Elizabethtown [Hagerstown]) p. 11

17. Dau. of William McKormick and wife Marg. b. 5 May 1794; bapt 8 Jun;
Spon: Georg Grisinger and wife Cath.(Evangelical Lutheran Church at
Elizabethtown [Hagerstown]) p. 11

18. John Hennerich of Jonas Emerich and wife Anna Margaretha b. 6 Apr
1795; bapt. 14 Jun; Spon: Johannes Kiesecker. (Evangelical Lutheran
Church at Elizabethtown [Hagerstown]) p. 13

19. Simon Kiesecker and wife Elis. b. 1 Feb 1796; bapt. 11Feb; Spon:
George Schmucker and wife Catharina.(Evangelical Lutheran Church at
Elizabethtown [Hagerstown]) p. 14

20. Samuel Simon of Georg Schmucker and wife Cath. B. 28 Jan 1799; bapt.
16 Mar; Spon: Simon Kiesecker and wife and Samuel Gross and wife
Elisabeth. (Evangelical Lutheran Church at Elizabethtown [Hagerstown]) p.

FHL #859281: Leitersburg Dist.
Elizabeth KISSINGER, age 59 d. 11 Dec 1860 pg. 21
Catharine KISSINGER age 77, 6 m. died 14 Dec 1904
Luther W. GITTINGER, b. 24 Feb 1859; died 8 Dec 1892 pg. 54

Tilghmanton Dist:
Mary F. BRILL, age 104 11m. 11 d. died 29 Sep 1888 pg. 84
Martha E. BRILL b. 8 May 1886; d. 8 Dec 1890.
Jacob BRILL, age 64, 4 m. 4 d. died 6 Jan 1908
Indiana H. BRILL, wife of Jacob B. BRILL b. 1845 d. 1915 pg. 85
J. Herbert BRILL b. 1872; d. 1922
Susan S. Brill, wife of J. Herbert BRILL b. 1868
Paul D. BRILL, b. 4 Dec 1906 d. 17 Mar 1920

Keedysville Dist.
Arthur KRETZENGER d. 21 Nov 1837 pg. 188
Ludwick KRETZINGER d. 11 Jan 1854 pg. 196
Nancy KRETZINGER, wife of John Miller d. 9 Jul 1877 pg. 209

Vol. VII of Hagerstown Dist.
Simeon KEISECKER b. 20 May 1747; d. 25 Aug 1818 pg. 449
Mark H.H. MAURER b. 22 Feb 1864 d. 22 Jan 1935
W. I. MAURER b. 25 Dec 1858; d. 23 Apr 1927 pg. 375

John G. BRILL b. 1808 d. 1893;
Maria C. BRILL b. 1808 d. 1870;
John BRILL b. 1846, d. 1903;
Ann R. BRILL b. 1842, d. 1921;
W. BRILL b. 1880, d. 1927 pg. 233.

Jacob KIESACKER, b. 20 Dec 1792, d. 12 Nov 1880;
Eliza KIESACKER, wife of Jacob b. 10 Jun 1814, d. 4 Nov 1898;
Mary KEESACKER 50 y. 9 m. 27 d. died 27 Mar 1850 pg. 105

Matilda A.J. BRILL b. 1844 d. 1917 pg. 158

Dr. J.S. MAURER, Ass't. Surgeon 77th Pa. Volunteers b. 1837 d. 1882;
Kate Riley, wife of Dr. J.S. MAURER b. 1839 d. 1919;

FHL #859280 pg. 277: John MOWREY, age 75 y, 6 m. 5 d. died 11 Feb 1852.
Elizabeth MOWREY, wife of John, age 69 y, 7 m. died Boonsboro, Washing 8
Oct 1851